Störung in der Station-Communication / Malfunction at Station-Communication 17.03.2023 12:30:00

Bedingt durch eine Störung im System kam es vereinzelt zu Verbindungsstörungen zwischen den Ladestationen und dem Backend-System. Hierdurch konnte es zu Problemen beim Ladestart oder Ladestopp mittels eCharge+ App kommen.

Die Störung ist um 14:30 Uhr aufgetreten und galt um 15:20 Uhr als behoben.

Due to a malfunction in the system, there were interruptions in the connection between the charging stations and the backend system. This could lead to problems when starting or stopping charging via the eCharge+ app.

The disturbance occurred at 2:30 p.m. and was considered to have been resolved at 3:20 p.m.

Status Description
Operational The component is working.
Performance Issues The component is experiencing some slowness.
Partial Outage The component may not be working for everybody or a special feature is not working.
Major Outage The component is not working for anybody.

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